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Traffic Generation: How to Drive More Than 3000 Visitors To Your Site!

In this article I discuss the methods used to drive thousands of visitors to your site, these methods are proven and are used by all the online entrepreneurs to increase sales and expand their business. In order to maximize efficiency one must use the methods that are proven to drive quality traffic to your site. In this article I will outline a few methods that you can use to increase traffic flow to your site.
1. Article writing
Article writing is the number one most effective method and the most efficient one that will help you drive traffic to your site. Start writing articles on an online article website that allows you to submit articles and keep publishing. It will take some time but you will see your results paying off as soon as you have written a few interesting and helpful articles.
2. Blogging
Blogging is another method you could use to drive traffic to your site. This is easily done by linking with other blogs that share your locus of interest or in the same business field of yours. Post regularly on your blog and keep updating your posts as often as you can. This will drive an enormous amount of traffic to your site.
3. Social media
Use the social websites to your advantage and post details about your business with links to your site in order to drive a lot more people to your domain. Make sure you search for your niche on the social websites, it is common to find groups and pages dedicated to certain interests and this will increase your popularity on the world wide web.
4. Forums
Use forums to your advantage by searching for your niche related forums. Post in these forums without forgetting to include links to your blog or website, this will increase the number of interested readers to your site.
5. Remember to build lists of frequent visitors by getting their emails, you can do this by using various list building service providers that will help you to build your own list of people who you know are part of the important traffic circle you build around yourself on the internet.
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Viral Traffic - Is the Amount of Traffic You Get Sickening?

There are plenty of people - far less intelligent than you are - who rake in the viral traffic, and here's the bit that will sicken you, most don't have any need of it; do you want to know what they're doing to get it?

Traffic generation is the piece of the puzzle that so many internet marketers struggle with, and it shouldn't be that difficult. There's an old truth that you could have the best product ever, but if nobody knows about it, it may as well not exist. Conversely, there are plenty of people selling absolute rubbish - you may have bought from many of them - purely because they have managed to find a way of getting you to their site. Annoying, isn't it?

Let's have a look at three ways that you could start to get viral traffic to your site, and you can see if you can put it to a little bit more use than those other people can; shall we?

Viral traffic generation tip 1: the forums
This is a tactic that used to be taught, but seems to have gone out of favor a bit, which is odd, as it's just as effective now as it has ever been.

Back in the days - before 'social networking' - people used to gather on forums, and many still do. Forums are a great place for people to hang out and share problems and solutions that they have, and if you have a solution to their problems, you can start to build yourself up as an authority figure.

The trick is not to try to sell people solutions when you first join. Find out what people need answers to, give them the answers, and look as though you know you're subject. Eventually you can introduce your website into your 'signature' at the bottom of your posts.

It may not be viral traffic in every sense of the meaning, but good answers will get referred back to, and having a 'sig file' that tells them where they can get even more solutions to their problems will certainly generate traffic to your site.

Viral traffic generation tip 2: Twitter
Love it, or hate it, this can be a good form of viral traffic generation.
The idea is to get people to retweet your message, that will get more people seeing it, and they will tell more people, etc, etc. Just sending out a message, which tells people to buy your stuff, and includes your web address, isn't going to do it.

To start with - this is similar to the forum idea - you need to have an account dedicated completely to a specific niche. If you're talking to like-minded people, there's a greater chance that they'll pass on your words of wisdom. Find information that's going to be of use to them - possibly from the forum that you're using - and Tweet it to your followers.

What you could do is, instead of linking the Tweet back to your website, you could link it to the forum posts. That will help to show them some of your previous tips, and it will help to boost your authority in their eyes, too. Sending people directly to your website can undo the positives of your traffic generation tactics by making it look as though you only want to sell them things; ultimately, you do, but you want them to see that you know what you're talking about, first.

Viral traffic generation tip 3: controversial blog
This is such a cool way of getting people to your site, but most people don't even think of it as being a method of viral traffic generation.

You have to keep this within the bounds of common decency, but there are still things that you can do to 'rattle' people in your niche, and start a bit of controversy that people will be aching to have a say on. Pick something that you know people will have a strong opinion on, and see if you can find a 'controversial' way of challenging what they think they know.

The next thing that you need is people to post in the comments section - in a fairly sane and intelligent manner - about how wrong you are. If you get enough people who are for and against what you have to say, you'll get others joining in; that can get the blog as much viral traffic as you can handle.

A great way of getting it all started is to go back to Twitter, and make a tweet about a comment that 'some bozo' has left on your blog, and ask if your followers agree with the comments or not.
There you have just a few ways that you can start to generate traffic to your site.

Viral traffic generation really only happens if people think that you have something worth sharing. If you show that you have some expertise in your field, people may start directing others to your helpful forum posts. Showing followers on Twitter where they can get useful information will help to get you retweeted, and that has a traffic generation effect, too. If you can get a heated debate started on your blog, you can generate traffic to that, as well.

There are other viral traffic generation techniques that you can use, so, as you can see, traffic generation isn't quite as difficult as you may have thought; now, get out there and generate traffic, don't leave it to the people who'll do nothing useful with it.

Link Wheels - What They Are And How They Boost Your Websites Search Engine Rankings

Link Wheels came about with the advent of web 2.0 facilities and the structure of link wheels can be summarised as a hub surrounded by spokes or links that point to your main site, in this case for example a music site that you've just build.

Some time ago, the methods used to achieve rankings in the search engines, were often dodgy, questionable tactics to get higher standing in the main search engines. One of these consisted in using many keywords in the websites to get quick rankings for the phrases that prospects used in their searches.

At the moment this has changed because Google took prompt action to get better relevancy and accuracy between the searches and the keywords used. The main search engines want to serve their users by providing highly targeted keywords that match the specific searches of their internet users.

And so, the concept of link wheels became very popular since they are very easy to set up and also capable of bringing in lots of traffic to your websites within a few hours of being present in your campaigns.
Many feeder sites or websites plus webpages hosted on remote servers are what link wheels are known for.

And these online sites are authority sites that when you develop them on those services, you can pass very valuable link juice to your main site.

You then can get ranked highly very fast in the search engines as well as establishing backlinks that can bring you very targeted traffic to your sites.

So, the feeder sites that you are going to focus on to develop link wheels, are generally known as Web 2.0 properties. And these will take the structure of your main music site, surrounded by a series of spoke sites. You clearly want to bring eye balls to your main hub, with the spokes around it directing links to your main site.

It is often agreed by many experts of internet marketing, that you should have four to six of the highest page rank web 2.0 properties surrounding your main website, forming the rim that keep the link wheel together.
Their Page Rank can be as high as 8 and out of these great web properties that make such a solid rim, you can get lenses, hub pages, blogs, etc.

But there are also other sites that you should consider using to construct your link wheel, including article directories that can publish your quality articles and these are tagged with your link, pointing to another site in your link wheel or straight to your main site or to your squeeze page.

Just ensure that the spokes, or the sites you use to create them, are authority sites that the main search engines consider well established and with high page rank. This way, you can be sure that plenty of organic traffic is generated from the search engines and getting this valuable link juice passed on to your pages in your link wheel.

And now for the link wheel pages, you want to create content that consists of 300 to 500 words, with keywords that optimize and targets specific keywords that you want to rank highly with, in the search engines.
When this content is generated, you want to place it in your web 2.0 pages at six to eight feeder sites and thus developing the spokes for your link wheel. And very importantly, place two different links in the page that you've created, one to your main site and another one pointing to another page in your link wheel system.

This is a beautiful way to generate prominent links to your main page and to get the main search engines looking at your rim of web 2.0 and ranking it very high indeed. Because this is what happens. If you have spokes 1 to 6 around your main site, spoke 1 links to your main page and to spoke 2, then your spoke 2 to the main page and to spoke 3 and so on this sequence repeated to close the rim and make your link wheel drive up the search engine rankings to also create solid backlinks that your customers will find to get back to your music site.

But there are other strategies as well, like trying out different keywords for each of your web pages that you build around to form the rim of your link wheel. For instance, in your music site, you could have the keyword "jazz music" for one page and "guitar music" for another or "classic music" as well for yet another page and so on. These keywords will drive traffic to your main site.

Building link wheels this way will allow you to expand your system where great networks of link wheels are all strategically interlaced and connected.

Finally it is promotion time for your link wheels. Turn now to social bookmarking and you'll find that people share their favourite's folder with their friends or the rest of the world.

Get bookmarks submitted for each one of your web 2.0 pages. And the main search engines quickly recognize this to get you up their results pages fast. Leverage all the exposure possible to get higher results for your link wheels.

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